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FTAO new members

Post by Amartin » Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:48 pm

Hi guys,
i'd just like to introduce myself & give a bit of an intro to BAS, who I am & what i can (hopefully) try to do for you!

My name is Andy Martin & like you i took my tentative steps into astronomy right here on this forum in Jan/Feb 2012. Let me start of by saying i'm in no way an expert & am still very much at the beginning of my journey.

If you're completely new, you probably have done a bit of reading about astronomy & are torn about maybe getting a scope or looking at equipment already. My initial advice before doing anything is don't! Not until you've attended a few meetings & spoke to some of the experienced guys in the society & even tried some of the society's own equipment that is available to you.

My role within the society is to try to smooth the transition for all new members, i'm here to help you & be the initial point of contact within the society.
That said, please don't feel that nobody else within BAS can be approached as that's simply not the case, they're a cracking bunch of guys who have an absolute plethora of experience & skills right across the society.

Please come along to the society meetings on Tuesdays - see the calendar for our upcoming events & please introduce yourselves to me so i can put the faces to the names!
If you have any questions, you can contact me by email - newmembers@boltonastro.co.uk
i'll try to reply within 24hrs!

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