**SOLD** 16” Altair Astro Truss Dobsonian Telescope

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**SOLD** 16” Altair Astro Truss Dobsonian Telescope

Post by astro » Sat May 13, 2017 11:04 am

At the last committee meeting it was decided to sell the 16" BBT to fund a smaller scope for out reach events.

For sale is a 16” Altair Astro Truss Dobsonian Telescope with the following accessories

• 8x50 Finder Scope (Including dew heater)
• 40mm eyepiece
• Dew heater controller
• Collimating eyepiece
• Light shroud
• 4-tread step ladders with safety rails
• Bag to store the trusses
• There is a dew heater on the secondary mirror and a fan on the primary mirror.

The scope was used for public outreach events so there are a few scuffs and markings around the base, however, it is in overall good condition and in full working order. The reason for selling is that we are struggling to store the scope and it is used very little these days.


For further details contact a member of the committee boltonastro@gmail.com
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Bill not included!
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