Ioptron mini tower V2

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Ioptron mini tower V2

Post by jpinna » Sun Aug 25, 2013 9:41 pm

just had a look at one of these on their website and it seems to tick all the right boxes for what I need, except for the price, will have to look out for a s/h one.

All my equipment is kept in a spare room upstairs so it has to be lightweight, shipping weight of this is 9kg with tripod, everything is packed in a case except tripod. payload 11-14kg dual mount, so I could fit my mak127 and my sw80ed on the other side, gps, alignment, solar, moon, planets, stars. don't need polar alignment because I only do video.

I could get a HEQ5 pro for the price of this, but with a weight of about 30-32kg that's put me off, and the EQ5 pro payload is 9kg and shipping weight of 28kg.

So I wanted to know if anyone on here has used one and how does it stack up ... 280&page=1

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