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made a couple things

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 3:08 pm
by jpinna
Decided to make a solar finder with bits around the house, used a incense sticks container, matt black spray paint, and some white plastic and 2 rubber bands.
As I would be using this only on the sw80ed for white light solar viewing/imaging I used 2 rubber bands around the finder and tube and it butts up to the tube rings nicely and it lines up more or less spot on
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Made a 12volt powertank, wasn't going to pay the £70 more or less for a 7amp one.
Bought a Stanley 19in toolbox and a 12volt 12amp battery and the other bits what I had lying around, also made provision for 2 dew heaters. 4 connecter cigarette socket and room for cables and other bits.
Did a power test with everything connected, scope, cctv cam, dewheater,
consumption with everything up and running moving the scope about was 1.3amp so I should get about 2/3 nights out of it before recharge
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Re: made a couple things

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 6:25 pm
by bholmes
Brilliant, you have saved a few quid there. It would be good if you posted some instructions and you should audition for Blue Peter :D


Re: made a couple things

Posted: Sun Aug 18, 2013 10:26 pm
by jpinna
Ok Bernie,
The solar finder I just cut down the middle about 3'' and made the opening half circle, the other end I used a small drill bit 1/8 and drilled a hole in the centre of the base, then I sprayed the inner and outer with matt black paint. when dry I used that red tape and cover over the sharp edges, I was going to try to crimp the edges over but I might of distorted the tube as it very thin material. I had a piece of white acrylic 5mm sheet about A4 size lying around so I used that for the projection, just round it off to fit in the end with super glue and used a washer to mark out the centre of it. cost 0 as I had all the bits and pieces.

The battery box, which is a Stanley 19'' toolbox which I won in a auction for £11.50 which it says it can handle a weight of 28kg. delivered which I think is not bad. 12volt 12amp battery cost £23 delivered and its a Lucas.[ wanted a 14amp one] Had to wait for battery to arrive before I started on the job so I can mark out where it was going to fit. had some off cuts of timber in the garage and used that for the frame and screwed all that in, but made it bigger than the battery just in case I want to change to a different battery later on and packed it with some of that polystyrene you get in packages. Bought a inline blade fuse with a led which lights up when the fuse is blown for the main lead off the battery. that was £1.49 and the 4 plug cigarette holder I already had. I was going to use phono sockets then thought all of the leads I had, had fused plugs with led's so I kept them. The white top where the dimmer is for the dew heater is the same piece I had over from the finder and I fitted 2 phono sockets to the side for the dew heater. all in it set me back about £36.
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Oh and for Blue Peter, I wouldn't last a day because the studio crew would be ducking and diving from the stuff I'd be throwing around the studio if things didn't go to plan....John

Re: made a couple things

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2013 10:27 pm
by jpinna
made a Y mask for my 80ED, saw it on another forum so I thought I'll give it a go.

I had some spare blank dvd covers, found one with a flat front. [without the imprint of the DVD] took the dew shield off and marked round it and cut out the circle, cut a 5mm Y shape out of it. Was going to use blu tack or tape to stick it to the shield but then looked at the remains of the case and cut off the 2 plastic case locks and super glued it to the Y and a straight bit to the bottom. was going to try it out tonight but the clouds came in as usual.
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Re: made a couple things

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 6:22 pm
by jpinna
Been at it again with a few cheap mods.

Fitted another 12 amp battery in the power pack and also to the right of the batteries is a mini wifi router for my wireless skyfi adapter, only need this when I'm away from my home wifi network has I'm using sky safari pro on Android. ... 5afd28829d
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Also made a accessory tray out of a pizza tray
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and also a remote focuser for the ED80. this works quite good, I used the lid off the incense tube I used to make the solar finder and this fits just right, I had to change round the Crayford focuser to the right of the scope so it doesn't hit the mount head.