Flip mirror & wireless av sender

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Re: Flip mirror & wireless av sender

Post by jpinna » Thu Apr 25, 2013 2:59 pm

Andy I do appreciate the advice given,but I'm trying to do the best with what I've got.
If I didn't need that flip mirror [its only 83grams heavier that my diagonal]I would not of bought it. that mirror cost nearly as much as my entire setup as I've tried to do it all on the cheap side.

As for the dslr it's not for me at the moment. would not get the full benefit out of it with this mount or scope @F11.18 just about 20 sec exposures at the most before rotation starts, yes I know the dslr is far superior to the cctv cam for taking images but Like I said I want to do liveveiw where these samy 2000p cctv cams shine, and for £5 which it cost i'm not complaining. there's plenty of posts on other forums where they use them for dso's liveview
not saying I will see them all with a scope @ F11 but maybe the brighter one's, but i'll give it a good go at it.

about the motors they went before I got all these ''gubbins'' only the third time out with it, the new replacement motor's looks like it as more windings.

cheers john


Re: Flip mirror & wireless av sender

Post by Amartin » Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:58 pm

It's very admirable doing the best with what you've got & I applaud you for it. But I go back to my original point - you'll massively struggle using that configuration on anything other than the moon. If the moon is all your after for now, then you really don't need an automatic focuser, a flip mirror and whatever else is hanging precariously off the back of your scope. All you're achieving is adding weight needlessly I'm afraid.
We would be doing you a dis-service by not pointing out these things to you & letting you struggle along the already difficult path.

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Re: Flip mirror & wireless av sender

Post by cstone » Thu Apr 25, 2013 8:49 pm

Its good to see someone else thinking outside the box and good to see another camera. I'd be inclined to remove the flip mirror try and focus without it. Give some stability.

Don't use a star diagonal and try and keep adjusting your view finder until it lines up with an eyepiece and a x2 Barlow. Then insert the camera.

The flip mirror will come in handy as you move up, but if you can focus the camera without the flip your will off learnt a dark art.

I've also re-read some of your previous posts. You've done your research, you know what to expect and started making some in-roads. Look forward to seeing the result on the gallery.
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Re: Flip mirror & wireless av sender

Post by jpinna » Fri Apr 26, 2013 2:52 pm

Yes Carl I do incline to do a lot of searching through the net for info to see what experience's other people have found, and one i have found was that one guy has been using this mount for the last 3 yrs with a 8SE successfully and that is 1.2 kgs heavier than my setup.He did a thorough report on it [ dont understand it all] but one i did understand was not to extend the legs more than 14 inches, as this dampened down the vibration quite a lot.

I had another look at this lot, and found this setup overall length is the same as a 130p which comes with the mount but is about 1.4kgs lighter
Also checked the centre of gravity, and found out I have 1 inch to play with i.e I can actually move it further back, but I'll leave it as far forward as possibly just to be on the safe side.

Them moon pics where just test pics, 2nd outing with cam, just trying to get round all the different settings and there is quite a lot of them, not as good as the originals as i had to change the format on them.


Re: Flip mirror & wireless av sender

Post by dean_kos » Fri Apr 26, 2013 6:55 pm

I still stand by my original post, there is no way that that configuration hanging of the back of your scope, with that mount, would be steady enough to image anything other than the moon and maybe the planets without major stress trying to get everything to settle down. Even the slightest of movements trying to center the object must be hard work, on screen or not.
I have worked my way through many different setups over the course of my time in this hobby, all of which gave varying results in terms of success. But I now measure success not just in the finished images but also a lot is to be said for the stress involved in actually setting up and capturing the raws in the first place and your overall setup sturdiness plays a huge part in this process.
I honestly believe that in a few years time when you become a refined, experienced imager, you will look back at this thread with a grin.
Fair play for trying out alternative cameras etc at a fraction of the cost of pro gear, but there is no cheap alternative for experience my friend, believe me.

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