Imaging with a Fuji X100S

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Imaging with a Fuji X100S

Post by rwilkinson » Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:00 pm

A friend of mine has just got one of these new Fuji "rangefinder-style" cameras, with a 16MP sensor and a fixed 23mm lens: ... del/x100s/
It's low-light performance seemed impressive, so we couldn't resist trying it out for astro work.

This is our first attempt from last night:
3x 30-sec at f/4 (ISO320) - and not quite in focus!
plough_3x30s_ISO320.jpg (477.45 KiB) Viewed 6250 times
We only managed 3x 30-sec before the cloud-bank rolled in!

But we have surmounted the three main challenges with using this camera:
  • Pointing it (actually much easier before turning the camera on - using the viewfinder in "optical" mode, rather than a digital back-lit mode!)
  • Focussing - as there's no physical infinity "end-stop", we had to resort to taking a series of test-frames at different focus settings and then choosing the optimum (around "50m")
  • Getting the Fuji .RAF RAW images into IRIS - we found a way of converting them to 16-bit TIFFs and then loading these.
So next time we should be able to get better results...

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