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WinJUPos Software - WOW

Post by DRatledge » Sun Apr 07, 2013 3:24 pm

One of the problems with videoing Jupiter is it rotates quickly limiting videos to around 2 to 3 mins maximum. This new(ish) software aims to solve this by de-rotating the images. So you can now shoot say a 10 minute video and correct for rotation. Alternatively, and probably more practical, it can de-rotate a set of already stacked images. They can then be added together.

I have not tried it yet but there is a youtube video introduction to it.

This introduction doesn't cover de-rotation but it does show some stunning simulations of events such as transits/occulations etc - great for planning imaging sessions. Despite its name it is not just Jupiter either. Looks like it will become essential software for planetary imagers!

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