The Big Stack Problem - SOLVED!

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The Big Stack Problem - SOLVED!

Post by dwalker » Mon Oct 01, 2012 6:41 am


I have several photo 'series' like this one I seem unable to stack with Registax or IRIS:-

As you can see from this montage, I took four photos as the sun drifted across, re-adjusted the view and took four more, and re-adjusted a final time and took four more.
Trouble is, it would seem there's too much 'drift' for Registax to cope with, and loading all 12 images at full resolution seems to blow it's mind.

Cropping each one individually would drive me insane....


I got this reply in another place:-
Bizibilder wrote:Try this: 'Tis freeware - just bung in your pictures and it will centre and crop them for you, then back to Registax 5 for preference and you should be OK.
It works! Now I can get on with stacking the 3,000 or so photos I took like this.

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