Astrophotography with film

For those interested in imaging and image processing with DSLR, CCD, webcam or film.
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Astrophotography with film

#1 Post by rwilkinson » Mon Nov 02, 2009 12:11 pm

As an example of what was possible in the pre-CCD era, we've posted a few archive images from our late friend "Ste" Fielding: ... p?album=12

Ste used to holiday in the Algarve, and visit the COAA:
where he used their 20-inch telescope to take these images.
He was using Scotch 400 film, "pushed" to ISO800, and note that the images were all single exposures of tens of minutes duration.

Sadly Ste died (at a tragically young age) in December 2008, but we have these images as a lasting record of his prowess as an astro-photographer.

We've also got some of his more recent experiments with webcam imaging, particularly a couple of photo-mosaics of the Moon: ... p?album=11

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