Outreach at St James Brownies Edgworth

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Outreach at St James Brownies Edgworth

Post by bbones » Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:47 am

Well after many weeks of trying we finally had some clear sky's and I arrived just after 6pm to set up a couple of telescopes, one was the Societies 100mm reflector and the other was my MAK 127.
In total we had 15 Brownies and where spilt into 5 groups of three so I was able to show each group the constellations together with the Moon, Venus and Mars and as the evening progressed I was able to show them M42 and M45 and also how to find the Pole Star.

Updated 3/3/2107

I was also able thanks to the Donations from Carl and Keith of their Meteorites we had from Nick Howes the Astrofest at Warrington last year to let them see and handle three of the Meteorites know as the Campo del Cielo Meteorites which has entered the earths atmosphere above Campo del Cielo area of South America around 4,000 - 5,000 years ago and where first reported in 1576. The total weight found to date exceeds 100 tonnes the largest fragment be 37 tonnes

Once again a very worth while Outreach event

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