Schools and Outreach events

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Schools and Outreach events

Post by bbones » Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:18 pm

To all Members

If your not aware the Society has be active in supporting Schools and Outreach event, providing Star Parties and Presentations this involves taking along some of the Societies equipment and some times our own to provide equipment for the Students (normally Year5 Primary) to have their first view of the night sky and in the event of clouded skies we normally have a presentation available to save cancelling the event. We also have evenings where we just provide a presentation, we do however take along some equipment to enable the Students to see. These events are fully support by the Schools and the Students Parents also attend to and often have many questions.

We are looking for members who are able to support these events by
1. Bringing along some equipment for the students to see and use.
2. If your are able and feel confident, provide a 30 to 60 minute presentation on basic astronomy, covering solar system and night sky.

If you would like to assist in supporting either or both types of events please contact me and I will assemble a list of names of members who are able to assist.

We currently have the following events on our list
1. Sacred Hearts School: Star Party Wednesday 25th Feb
2. Hindley Primary School: Presentation / Star Party, Yet to be agreed
3. Sharples School: Star Party, Yet to be agreed
4. Blackrod County Primary School: Star Part, Yet to be agreed

Bill Bones
Schools Liaison Officer

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