Image Processing -- 12th March

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Image Processing -- 12th March

Post by cstone » Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:51 pm

The imaging workshop on 12th March will start with a 30 - 45min live demo of registax6. This demo is intended to get everyone up to speed. You're more than welcome to click along using your own laptop. I can take questions during the demo (there will be advanced members on hand to help answer them) but let’s not rush this part. You'll then be given time to ask more question and then have a play.

I have ideas on the room layout, and we do have a spare laptop available (first come first served) but if you are bringing a laptop then please make sure it’s fully charged or bring a power strip.

Also make sure you have registax6 installed and an image to process. Ross does have some available but bring your own. It more fun that way, it can be anything from the sun to mercury! I’ll be using Jupiter.

On the other hand if you don't want to bring a laptop you can sit on the sidelines, but remember to put your chair away once the evening is finished and help pack up.

With some patience it should be a fun evening and we should get allot out of it, including me!


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