How about a local star-party?

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How about a local star-party?

Post by rwilkinson » Sun Nov 08, 2009 7:25 pm

The star-parties at Kelling Heath are certainly a great experience, but it is a long way to travel, so Glenn and I were discussing the possibility of organising something much closer to home, which more of our members could get along to - perhaps near enough to go just for a few hours one evening? :idea:
It need not necessarily be a really "dark-sky site", but just somewhere darker than Bolton, with a convenient nearby hostelry to provide food, drink and warm shelter - somewhere we could go at short notice, when the weather was suitable. :)

Alternatively, if we were to go somewhere further afield (where the skies are darker), it would need to be a place where we could stay overnight, and this would probably need to be booked in advance, irrespective of the weather. In the past, there have been overnight weekend trips to a church hall in Haverthwaite (at the bottom of Coniston), but this site is now getting overgrown with trees. :(

So does anyone have any ideas?
To aid your deliberations, here's a section of the Dark Skies map for this area:
Light pollution around Lancashire - the bluer the colour, the darker the sky
lancsdarkskies.JPG (122.31 KiB) Viewed 3300 times
we need to get away from the orange and yellow, and out toward the greens and blue - but remember that the weather is often wet in the Lake District and Pennine moors!

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