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Observing in the summer twilight

Posted: Sun May 29, 2016 2:02 pm
by rwilkinson
Although it doesn't get properly dark at this time of year, there are three planets on view in the twilight: Jupiter very high in the West and Mars and Saturn low in the South.
I went out last night at around 11pm, and set up my TS70ED refractor on an old Tasco GoTo mount (which I've recently upgraded with a new Celestron V4 hand-control). It was my first view of Mars & Saturn this year, and even though they are very low in the sky, I ended up using my 6.5mm eyepiece with a x2 Barlow-lens (giving a magnification of 130x) to get my best view.

And I was also testing a pair of Canon 10x30 image-stabilised binoculars. I had a look at the constellation of Lyra, which includes a number of bright double-stars. These were none too clear at x10 magnification hand-held, but once I pushed the button the whole star-field became rock-steady and quite a few faint stars appeared which I hadn't seen without the IS function. I'm looking forward to trying these in a dark sky!