The night before "Stargazing Live"

Blog the previous nights viewing. Link to images on the gallery or simply describe what you observed the night before. Leave the technical and howto in another forum.
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The night before "Stargazing Live"

Post by rwilkinson » Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:49 pm

Down here in the Wye Valley we had a clear sky on Tuesday night, so I spent half an hour using the little SkyWatcher 130P (fitted with a 25mm eyepiece) from the patio.

Comet Lovejoy was still easily visible - and easy to find, very close to Delta Cassiopeia. Then, seeing that Ursa Major was high in the sky I found the M51 Whirlpool Galaxy. Finally, Jupiter was so prominent that it would have been rude to ignore it, so I fitted a 10mm eyepiece and saw the cloud-belts and the Galilean moons.

I didn't hear about the aurora until the morning after, but there are trees to the North from this site, so I wouldn't have seen it anyway. :(

But last night was quite hazy, so I stayed indoors and watched Buzz Aldrin with Brian Cox et al. :)

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