BAS Solar telescopes

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BAS Solar telescopes

#1 Post by imartin » Sun Apr 18, 2010 3:59 pm

I see from the events that on 18th May 2010 the club is having a Solar observing session viewing night with their Coronado hydrogen-alpha telescopes.

What solar scopes does the club have? Do they belong to the club? Can members loan the scopes? If so how do you go about it. I currently use a home made filter, utilising BAADER solar film (white light). I have not mamaged to see any sun spots as yet, but have lots of pictures that others have taken (S@N forums).

I would be really interested in using one of these scopes if I had the chance. they are a bit expensive.

Will there be much opportunity to observe the sun given the meeting only starts at 1930hrs?

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Re: BAS Solar telescopes

#2 Post by DRatledge » Tue Apr 20, 2010 2:43 pm

The society has two solar telescopes which will be on display/use at the May meeting. They are a PST on a celestron goto mount and a 60mm Coronado on a Vixen sphinx mount. As you say they are expensive (total £5000) and we have been very restrictive about loaning them out. They are not the simplest telescopes to set up and could easily be damaged. They were paid for by a grant which was for public outreach for which they are excellent - we will again use them this year at the Moses Gate Carnival in July - possibly Bolton's biggest outdoor event. Have a look at them in May and see what you think and perhaps you could borrow the PST.

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