Hello from Ian Martin

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Hello from Ian Martin

Post by imartin » Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:16 am

My name is Ian Martin, I have lived in Euxton for the past 5yrs and i am married with 2 kids.

Always had a passing interest in all things associated with the cosmos. Purchased a Sky Watcher 150P (6" 750mm) reflector on a EQ3-2 mount in December '08.
Still learning my way about the night sky.

the first meeting of BAS that i attended was Sept 09 - joined Nov '09. Have enjoyed the talks so far and all the members that I have met are very friendly and helpful - which is good as I will need to draw upon the collective knowledge of the group.

I am interested in getting into Astrophotography but need to either apply drive to my current mount and/ or upgrade to a more sturdy one (EQ5 or 6). I have taken some pics of the moon and tried to take multiple short exposures of M42 and M31 - it is a steep learning curve as I am sure a lot of you know!

I have been a bit slow to dabble on the BAS forums but if I can add to the numbers using it so that we can have a vibrant forum for the society all the better.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next meeting on the 19th Jan :D


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