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Backward-compatibility of Atik software

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 3:51 pm
by rwilkinson
Whilst helping Keith to get his new Infinity camera running with a Win10 laptop, I spotted this statement on Atik's software download web-page:
The latest version of the core software was updated on 9th Aug 2016. This update concludes a successful BETA test of our new drivers that improve performance and cross-platform compatibility... The latest version of the software is NOW COMPATIBLE with Atik 16-series cameras. See USB 1 Drivers below for more information.
I've just tried running my 9 year-old 16IC one-shot colour camera from a Win10 Pro 64-bit laptop, and it worked perfectly once I'd loaded their USB1 driver pack.

So well done to Atik for taking the trouble to maintain legacy support for their old products.
These cameras often appear on the Astro Buy & Sell site, and can be a great low-cost entry into the world of cooled-CCD imaging.