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Comet C/2015 VL62 (Lemmon-Yeung-PanSTARRS)

Posted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:02 am
by rwilkinson
This comet’s cumbersome triple-barrelled name includes that of Bill Yeung as its co-discoverer. He is a Canadian amateur who uses remote telescopes to search for asteroids and also discovered the comet 172P/Yeung back in 2002.

I first caught this comet last week using the OU's robotic telescope in Tenerife:
Comet 2015 VL62 from Tenerife on 6-Aug. 3x 150s with C14 at f/10.
c2015vl62_6aug.png (204.99 KiB) Viewed 2158 times
But last night I got it from Bolton too. It's in Pegasus, so quite well-placed in our evening skies, but only around 13th magnitude.
Comet 2015 VL62 from Bolton on 12-Aug. 33x 60s with MX716 on C8 at f/3.3.
c2012vl62_12aug.png (161.14 KiB) Viewed 2158 times

Re: Comet C/2015 VL62: semi-detached?

Posted: Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:51 am
by rwilkinson
After several attempts over the last week, I finally managed to get an image of this comet from the COAST facility on Tenerife:
Comet 2015 VL62 on 31-Aug. 3x 150-sec with C14 at f/10.
c2015vl62_31aug.png (354.22 KiB) Viewed 2079 times
As well as the stars, there is a galaxy near the northern edge (top) of the field, but there's also a blur just to the north of the comet. But this isn't trailed in the same way as the other background objects, so could this be a fragment of of the comet which has become detatched, or is it just an internal reflection within the telescope optics?
It certainly doesn't appear on the Deep Sky Survey image of this field (which the Cartes du Ciel program can automatically download and overlay):
Cartes du Ciel displaying the DeepSky Survey image.
c2015vl62_CdC.png (230.71 KiB) Viewed 2079 times