Calendar of Events

Meetings are held each month on Tuesday evenings, commencing at 7:30pm and concluding around 9pm. Our main meeting programme runs from September to May, usually on the first and third Tuesdays of each month, and over the summer we also get together on the first Tuesdays of June, July and August.

Admission is free to members, and visitors are welcome at £2 per visit.

Our meetings include talks from Members and Guest Speakers, plus more informal interactive "Activity Nights".

The programme of our future meetings is shown below, but may occasionally be subject to late changes, so if you're travelling from some distance, please contact the BAS Commitee by email to to confirm before making your journey.

Date Subject Presenter and Venue
7th March 2017 Members Talk:- “How well do you know your neighbour”
A guide to The Moon
Joe Grant
Ladybridge Community Centre
Tea Duty:- Ed Swarbrick
21 March 2017 Guest Speaker:- “Exploring Mars”
Rod will be bringing us upto date with some of the exciting journeys and discoveries that have been undertaken on the red planet
Rod Hine
Ladybridge Community Centre
Tea Duty:-Bill Chamberlain
4th April 2017 Workshop:- "Observing Night / Telescope and Mounts"
If the skies are clear we'll be observing the night sky, if not we shall be indoors helping people with their setup.
BAS Members
Ladybridge Community Centre
Tea Duty:-
18th April 2017 A modern-day "Comet Ferret"
A summary of fifteen years' comet-chasing, using a variety of different imaging systems (and including some cunning IRIS-action!)
Ross Wilkinson
Ladybridge Community Centre
Tea Duty:- Andrew Gaskin
2nd May 2017 Members Talk:- “Optician Astronomer W. Banks 1850 - 1933”
A renowned optician by trade, but with no evidence of a workshop how Mr Banks manufactured telescopes with his brand name engraved remains a mystery
Peter Miskiw
Ladybridge Community Centre
Tea Duty:-Gerald Bramall

See also our activities page for more details about our society.
Last updated 5th-March-2017